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1 in 3 cancers is a skin cancer

Skin cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in humans, with an incidence that has steadily increased worldwide. The prognosis of advanced melanoma is poor, and carcinomas are associated with high morbidity.        

60% biopsies result in benign diagnoses

Although dermoscopy is a useful tool for clinical examination, the sensitivity of dermoscopic monitoring is limited by melanomas that may arise in normal skin or in clinically benign nevi that were not initially photographed (link).

20% skin cancers missed at early stage

Dermoscopy improves the diagnostic accuracy for melanoma but only for experienced examiners. Dermoscopy by untrained or less experienced examiners is no better than clinical inspection without dermoscopy (link).

LC-OCT, a novel imaging technology

LC-OCT (Line-field Confocal Optical Coherence Tomography) gives access to cellular resolution imaging of inner microstructures of the skin up to the dermis, immediately and non-invasively.

LC-OCT provides a unique 3D imaging modality, allowing the user to switch from a histology-like vertical mode to a confocal-like en face mode, and to record a 3D stack of tissue volumes in situ.


3D stack


Live en coupe


Live en face

Navigations in LC-OCT 3D stacks 


LC-OCT imaging of the back of a hand


LC-OCT imaging of a fingerprint

LC-OCT & histology correlations

journal of biomedical optics publication
  • Image

An optical biopsy without sampling 


Quantitative skin analyses
adapted to your studies

  • Image

    Skin Surface 3D segmentation

  • Image

    Dermo-Epidermal Junction 3D segmentation

  • Image

    Keratinocytes distribution

  • Image

    Keratinocytes density with depth

  • Image

    Collagen fibers segmentation

Our company


> Company established by Anaïs BARUT (CEO), David SIRET (CTO), Arnaud DUBOIS (CSO) who filed the patent protecting LC-OCT's technology 
> Proof of concept of LC-OCT en coupe imaging


> First LC-OCT images performed on fresh biopsies of suspected skin cancer
> Validation of the potential of LC-OCT en coupe imaging for the 2 main types of skin cancer: carcinoma and melanoma


> First clinical demonstrator installed at the Saint-Etienne University Hospital
> Winner of the Digital Innovation Competition organized by Bpifrance
> Signature of the exclusive license agreement for LC-OCT technology


> Closing of a €2 million investment round with Kurma Partners, Idinvest Partners, News Invest, Paris-Saclay Seed Fund co-managed by Partech Ventures, and private investors
> Obtaining ISO 13485 certificate
> First technical proof of concept of LC-OCT 3D


> Winner of the World Competition of Innovation organized by Bpifrance
> Miniaturized LC-OCT 2D in a handheld probe
> Obtaining CE-marking LC-OCT 2D
> Installation of LC-OCT 2D devices in hospitals
>First scientific publication: A. Dubois and al., “LC-OCT for high-resolution noninvasive imaging of skin tumors”, JBO 23, 106007


> Miniaturized LC-OCT 3D in a handheld probe  > Obtaining CE-marking LC-OCT 3D
> Manufacturing of 10 LC-OCT 3D devices
> Launch of clinical validation of LC-OCT 3D


Pr. Arnaud DUBOIS presents LC-OCT technology


3 key numbers in the development of DAMAE Medical

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